About Hack+

Learn more about our organization and the team powering it.

Hack+ is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that helps students start startups, nonprofits, and events.

We started with one simple question: why is it so hard to start a business? Hours of paperwork, boring accounting, and several other tasks make it extremely difficult for anyone, especially students, to run a business.
Hack+ eliminates the long, complicated legal and financial processes of incorporating and maintaining startups, nonprofits, and events. In short: we take care of the boring stuff, letting students focus on making it possible for anyone, anywhere to run the organization of their dreams.

Sanil Chawla

Founder & Executive Director

Ankush Swarnakar

Director of Community Programs

Michelle Lin

Director of Student Affairs

Areeta Wong

Director of Event Management

TJ Horner

Director of Technology

Anton Outkine

Director of Design