About Hack+

Learn more about our organization and the team powering it.

Hack+ is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that helps students start startups, nonprofits, and events.

We started with one simple question: why is it so hard to start a business? Hours of paperwork, boring accounting, and several other tasks make it extremely difficult for anyone, especially students, to run a business.
Hack+ eliminates the long, complicated legal and financial processes of incorporating and maintaining startups, nonprofits, and events. In short: we take care of the boring stuff, letting students focus on making it possible for anyone, anywhere to run the organization of their dreams.

Sanil Chawla

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Ankush Swarnakar

Co-Founder & Director of Community Programs

Michelle Lin

Co-Founder & Director of Public Relations

Areeta Wong

Director of Event Management

TJ Horner

Director of Technology

Sowmya Patapati

Director of Partnerships

Zakaria Ridouh

Web Development Intern

Alan Cao

Web Development Intern

Selynna Sun

Project Manager

Jamsheed Mistri

Project Manager

Justine Qiu

Project Manager

Michael Yoo

Project Manager

Dhanush Patel

Project Manager

Marc Bacvanski

Project Manager